Life Saving Surgery needed for a boy in China

Xian (pronounced Shen) is a 5 year old boy in South East China. He has a blood disorder and a severe curvature of the spine. The curve in his spine has gotten so severe that his breast bone has begun to curve causing his lung capacity to diminish.... more »


Centre de la Famille

RWI has taken on a orphanage of 15 kids. This orphanage was promised help by people who never came though. Nothing was ever done for them. So we are stepping in. I know I can't make up for broken promises, but we can make a promise of our own, and... more »


Haiti April 2010

In April RWI took a team of two to Port Au Prince to work in a "tent city" privately owned and operated by a friend. We arrived in PAP to the insanity that they like to call the airport. They literally throw your luggage through a hole in... more »


Birthing Kits for Haiti

Hey all we are adding on to our donations for Haiti. We are going to be providing birthing Kits for the local doctors and clinics in Port Au Prince. Here is the list of what we put into one of our birthing kits: 1 plastic shower curtain 1 bar of soap (hotel... more »



So as you know the country of Haiti was devastated by an earthquake this past week. RWI spent 9 days in Haiti in September 2009. We brought medical care to more than 3,000 people, we delivered a baby boy named Washington, and were eternally touched by the hearts... more »



So I am so pleased to be able to announce that RWI will be traveling to Haiti on September 2nd. RWI's first project was suppose to be in Kenya, but after fundraising for almost a year we are still very short financially and unable to go over there and... more »


RWI Update

Hey all, I wanted to give you all a quick update as to where RWI stands. It's been a really busy summer (Isaac ended up in the hospital for 72 days after surgery), but even among the craziness we were able to raise $2000 towards our $6500 budget for our... more »