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So as you know the country of Haiti was devastated by an earthquake this past week. RWI spent 9 days in Haiti in September 2009. We brought medical care to more than 3,000 people, we delivered a baby boy named Washington, and were eternally touched by the hearts and spirits of the people of Haiti.

We made lifelong friends while there. RWI had a second trip planned for August 2010, but due to the circumstances we're heading there early. We will be bringing food, water filtration systems, and medical supplies to those we know in Port Au Prince.

The Ruuska Village in the Bon Repo district of Port Au Prince is where we stayed. It's a women's village run by an American woman named Barbara. She's responsible for 70 women and orphaned children. Her food supplies, clothing, and medical supplies were wiped out during the earthquake. Their buildings fell down and currently they are all sleeping outside in the courtyard, due to the fact that none of the structures are stable to enter.

They are currently in need of the following:

Water Purification Tablets
Powder Formula (fortified with rice)
Cough Medicine
Tylenol (adult/Children)
Diarrhea Medicine
Anti-Acid Tablets (Tums)
Yeast infection cream
Ultra Thin Maxi Pads
Neosporin (generic is fine)

We also have families that we are in contact with who have lost their homes and family members. They have clean water (because we gave them filters in September), but they will be out of food by Wednesday (1-20-2010). They are also in need of basic medical supplies to treat cuts, bruises and minor breaks.

If you would like to donate supplies (to be hand carried to Haiti by myself)

1. You can donate via PayPal on the donation page.

2. Buy items and ship them to the following address:

C/O Jocelyn Tarquini
153 Zieglerville Road
Schwenksville, PA 19473

3. Send Checks made out to RWI