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So I am so pleased to be able to announce that RWI will be traveling to Haiti on September 2nd. RWI's first project was suppose to be in Kenya, but after fundraising for almost a year we are still very short financially and unable to go over there and do what needs to be done. In the mean time we have teamed with The Mercy and Sharing Foundation based in Haiti. The projects we are doing for them are going to help just as many children as RWI would have been able to help in Kenya for a fraction of the cost, allowing us to act now. We are saddened that RWI had to put the Kenya project on hold, but we have NOT given up on it. We are continuing our efforts to raise the funds needed to go to Kenya and do what we promised.

I will be bringing you all more information about our trip. We will be providing 11 filtration systems along with birthing kits and donations for the orphanage. M&SF has an orphanage as well as a home for terminally ill and handicapped Children along with a home for Abandoned Babies. RWI will be working with M&SF to set up the filtration systems at each of their locations as well and spend time with the children in their care.

We are so grateful to all that have donated to RWI over the last year. The money you have given is finally going to do some good! We are so excited for this awesome chance to help.

The Mercy & Sharing Foundation