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Centre de la Famille

RWI has taken on a orphanage of 15 kids. This orphanage was promised help by people who never came though. Nothing was ever done for them. So we are stepping in. I know I can't make up for broken promises, but we can make a promise of our own, and we can be resposible for that.

I have been there. I have seen these kids... They are amazing and so is the family that cares for them! We need to provide food and schooling for those 15 kids for the next year. I made them that promise and I will deliver, one way or another.

To send a child to school it is $150 for the entire year... that's it!!! To feed the entire orphanage it's $100/month... that's it!!!

So bottom line is... We need to raise $3450! That is it. $3450!

We can support 15 kids completely for a year for $3450!!!

I am pledging to personally match every donation that comes in. If you donate $10, I will donate $10 from my personal money. No gimmick! I will match EVERY Donation, no matter how small, no matter how big!

I believe we can do more. I believe I can do more and I am starting today...