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Haiti April 2010

In April RWI took a team of two to Port Au Prince to work in a "tent city" privately owned and operated by a friend. We arrived in PAP to the insanity that they like to call the airport. They literally throw your luggage through a hole in a wall and it's a mad rush to find your bags, before someone "accidentally" picks yours up and makes a bee line for the door.

We were able to find all 5, 75lbs bags and headed to customs. They flagged my cart, but I sweet talked the customs woman and she let me though without opening all our bags (which would have been bad since we had a ton of medical supplies which they like to confiscate!)

We made our way to our friends house then headed to "The Park" which is what the tent city has been named. I was amazed by the spirit of the 200 families living in very close quarters, taking care of each other, leaving no one behind.

We handed out 97 birthing kit to very pregnant mamas ready to pop. We provided enough basic medicine and medical care to take care of the 200 families till we return in August, and we had the opportunity to visit and meet the children and caretakers of the orphanage we are officially sponsoring!

It was an amazing journey... we drove through downtown PAP and witnessed first hand the devastation that has torn the city to pieces. It was eye opening and sobering. Yet I was amazed at the heart and soul everyone is carrying around. The people of Haiti could have given up... but they haven't. They are still trying everyday to take care of their families and live their lives.

RWI will be heading back to Haiti for 10 days in August. We will be running a medical clinic, handing out birthing kits, and delivering food and school funding for the orphanage.

Please help us reach our goals. We need to raise $3500 to support the orphanage completely for one year. $3500 that's it... this will provide 15 children with an education and with all their food for an entire year...

Please visit our do