Projects - Home in a Box

What Price would you pay for Shelter, Warmth, and Dignity???

The idea for “Home in a Box” came from a much bigger organization called “Shelter-boxes”. ShelterBoxes have provided thousands of Shelter, restoring Dignity to countless people around the world after natural disasters.

We have taken a page from their book and created a smaller version. Our “Home in a Box” provides all the essentials for a family of 7 to survive during the most vulnerable time.

What’s in a “Home in a Box” and where you can find it:

2- Insecticide treated mosquito net (home treated)

Amazon $10 each

2- boxes of water purification tablets

Amazon $12 (box of 50)

2- Collapsible 2 gallon water containers

Amazon $7 each

7- waterproof ponchos

Amazon $1 each

2- waterproof ground sheets (Lm Thermal Blanket)

Amazon $13.60 each

1- 50 foot nylon rope

Amazon $4.50 each

1- Set of Basic tools


1- Open Country Weekender 6-person cook set

Amazon $40 each

1- children’s pack (crayons, pens, books etc.)


7- thermal blankets (Emergency Thermal Blankets)

Amazon $ 5.45 (4 pack)

1- multi-fuel stove (coleman makes a good one)

Amazon $65 each

1- Emergency fire starter

Amazon $5 each

3- packages of candles

Dollar store $3

1- 7 person tent

Walmart $80 each

1- First aid kit

Walmart $10 each

1- Blue footlocker

Walmart $20 each

Each “Home in a Box” cost $350 to create. To donate a “Box” please visit our Donate Page.

For more information on how you can help, or to coordinate a “Home in a Box” Party please contact us. Thank you so much for you help!