Projects - Birthing Kits

The World Health Organization (W.H.O.) estimates that 585,000 women die annually in childbirth. Developing countries account for 99% of these deaths. For every woman who dies in childbirth, another 30 women incur injuries and infections.

But we can change that by providing clean birthing conditions.

RWI is now supplying BIRTHING KITS that provide for clean birthing conditions. 60 million women give birth each year with the assistance of a Traditional Birth Attendant or with no assistance at all. These women need a birthing kit.

A Birthing Kit works by providing the 7 cleans required for a clean birth environment:

Seven Cleans

  • Clean birth site - preventing delivery onto the floor
  • Clean hands - to prevent the birth attendant transmitting germs to mother and baby
  • Clean ties - to prevent bleeding from the umbilical cord for mother and baby
  • Clean razor - to reduce infection caused by other implements
  • Clean gauze - to wipe away birth canal secretions from the eyes, which decreases future eye infections
  • Clean umbilical cord - washing and drying the stumps prevents infection
  • Clean perineum

What is a Birthing Kit?

  • 1 shower curtain
  • 1 bar of soap (hotel size)
  • 1 sterile scalpel blade (single side razor or pair of sharp scissors)
  • 1 shoe lace (sterile)
  • 3 pairs of sterile gloves
  • 30 sterile swabs
  • 4 gauze squares (4x4)
  • 1 fingernail brush
  • 1 Receiving blanket
  • 1 pair of newborn socks
  • 1 onesie
  • 4 maxi pads
  • 1 small bottle of adult Tylenol (generic is fine)
  • 1 small bottle of infant Tylenol (generic is fine)
  • 2.5 gallon zip lock bag (to put all the pieces in)

Each kit cost less than $8 to make (all the items can be found at your local Wal-Mart or Dollar Store). For more information or to coordinate a “Birthing Kit Party” please contact us. Thank you so much for your help!!!